From Mary Scott of the Palos Verdes Peninsula News

It was a gathering fit for the Queen of England — although she was unable attend H.E.L.P.’s Celebrate Summer event last Friday. She did send a photograph, however, signed, “Love, Liz,” for H.E.L.P.’s “royal” sponsor, Ralph Scriba.

A number of guests — all royalty in their own right — enjoyed a delightful British theme, “A Royal Affaire,” while helping to raise funds for H.E.L.P.’s low-cost and no-cost senior care programs. They were welcomed by two of the queen’s guards, standing watch at the entrance of Trump National Golf Course’s ballroom.

From left, Eric and Lynne Neuman, and Britt Huff. Lynne Neuman is H.E.L.P.’s board chair; Huff is its executive director.

Special guests Jacqueline Glass, the Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation and Helen Dennis were the recipients of the three awards given by H.E.L.P. for their continuous and generous support of H.E.L.P., as well as their contributions on behalf of the senior community.

Glass received this year’s Inspiration Award in front of a cheering crowd. She has volunteered countless hours for dozens of charitable and community organizations, but her focus has been on Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation, raising funds and serving on its board of directors. She helped launched TrinityKids Care, the only pediatric hospice serving Los Angeles and Orange counties, in 2001.

Royal Sponsor, Ralph Scriba, center, with from left, Frank Schaffer, Sapphire Sponsor and 2011 honoree; Britt Huff, Sibylle Grebe, former H.E.L.P. Board Chair, and Marilyn Schaffer.

Accepting the award, Glass said she and her family are proud supporters of H.E.L.P. and the work it does for seniors.

“Keep doing the work you’re doing; you’re really making a difference,” she said.

Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation received the nonprofit’s Vanguard Award. For 25 years, the foundation has supported the work of TrinityCare, which is to provide comfort care to adults and children with life-limiting illnesses.

Barbara Roberts, the foundation’s executive director, accepted the award on behalf of the foundation. In explaining the mission of the foundation and TrinityCare, Roberts said, “Sometimes there’s pain beyond the physical pain.”

Hospice volunteers, she said, not only care for patients physical well-being, but their emotional well-being as well.

Terri Warren and Barbara Roberts, from Providence TrinityCare Hospice, with Honoree Jacky Glass, and Bob & Suzi Gulcher.

She passed along the story of 76-year-old Harvey, a Korean War veteran living alone. Volunteers also saw that he was lonely. When they learned he had a brother living in North Carolina, the volunteers worked to reconnect the two. Volunteers also helped Harvey pack, fly and move to North Carolina, where he spent his final days at peace with his brother and sister-in-law.

“We didn’t do it alone; we did it with a community of support,” Roberts said. “This award isn’t for us; it’s for all the volunteers … who support the mission.”

Dennis, a former H.E.L.P. board member, received this year’s Legacy Award. A nationally recognized leader on aging issues, as well as employment and retirement issues, Dennis is the author of a number of columns for local media outlets, articles and books on successful aging.

“Aging is very contagious,” she told the other guests. “It seems to spread from person to person.

“When we talk about aging, we’re talking about ourselves,” she continued. “If we’re lucky, we’re going to get there.”

Honoree Helen Dennis, recipient of the Legacy Award, with friends Judy Bayer and Harriet Servis.

In its 16th year, H.E.L.P. continues to offer its programs for seniors and their families. H.E.L.P. provides information, education and counseling on issues including elder care, law, finances and consumer protection. As a nonprofit, it relies on volunteers and donations to run its programs.

The group’s Celebrate Summer Event is one of its major fundraising events during the year.

“Our gross receipts were the best we have had, so we are very excited about being able to move ahead in funding some of our new programs,” said Britt Huff, H.E.L.P.’s executive director. “We are especially appreciative of our very generous longtime sponsors, the Scriba Family Fund and Toyota Motor Sales, for inspiring others in the community to join in supporting our event.”