In an effort to keep our senior citizens informed about current Covid-19 virus vaccine research, H.E.L.P. has hosted Zoom presentations with Dr. Eric Daar, M.D.,  to highlight the status of a local South Bay vaccine trial study by The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  You can view a video of the most recent class, with power-point presentation by Dr. Daar, by clicking on this link:

Dr. Eric Daar, M.D. is Chief of the Division of HIV Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and has more than 25-years of experience in providing HIV care and conducting related research. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic he has been focusing the majority of his attention toward research related to treatment and prevention of this covid virus disease. As part of this effort Dr. Daar has joined the national Coronavirus Prevention Network and has been working with the federal  government’s response to the pandemic called Operation Warp Speed. He was selected by Dr. Anthony Fauci at NIH to direct the South Bay Stage 3, covid-19 virus vaccine trials for the AstraZeneca study out of Oxford, United Kingdom, and funded by NIH.  This is one of the top three-ranked studies, along with Pfizer and Moderna.  We are very pleased to have this study take place here  in the South Bay, at the Lundquist Institute of Harbor-UCLA in Torrance, where it is easily accessible for participation by our local senior population. This Stage 3 trial will focus on the most vulnerable in our population:  older adults, minorities, and those with under-lying health conditions.   If you are in one of those categories, you can register to participate in this trial at the Lundquist Institute website: