H.E.L.P. is here for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Although our H.E.L.P. office door is locked to walk-in consultations and our community classes have transitioned to zoom video conferencing, we continue to operate with a reduced in-office staff and others working from home, to take phone calls and provide seniors and their families with needed counseling and guidance during this difficult time. Call 310-533-1996 for HELP.

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Our Mission

H.E.L.P is a free education, counseling, and referral resource for seniors and their families to help them make informed decisions to live their best lives. Focus and priorities include: access to healthcare, help with substance abuse, financial stability, avoiding scams and elder abuse, retaining cognitive stability.

Who is H.E.L.P.?

H.E.L.P. is the first stop. Our education and counseling programs focus on elder care options, legal and financial planning tools, and consumer protections. With the assistance of highly qualified volunteer professionals, our well trained program staff provides objective, accurate and up-to-date assistance, information and referrals to community, nonprofit and government resources.

H.E.L.P. assists older adults and their families in making proper decisions about health care, financial matters, and other aging issues. We provide education on protections from elder fraud and abuse, as well as available government entitlement programs.

H.E.L.P. Receives McMillen Family Foundation Grant

H.E.L.P. received a grant to address the growing problem of alcohol and drug abuse among older
adults. H.E.L.P. is pleased to be able to continue the partnership with the McMillen Family Foundation
begun in April 2017 with the development of a pilot alcohol and substance abuse educational outreach
program for seniors. The goal of the program is to alert seniors and their families to the growing
problem of alcohol and drug abuse among older adults. Over the past several decades, physicians have
increasingly prescribed seniors with pain medications to address chronic pain, without adequate medical
follow-up, and many end up addicted. Seniors need to be alerted to the dangers of continued long-term
use of these drugs after leaving the hospital and advised to not just take the prescription because it’s
part of the checkout process from the hospital. There is also the need to be aware of additional
potential side effects stemming from the interaction of their regular medications with the use of alcohol
or drugs.

Alcohol abuse can put the elderly at risk for internal bleeding, heart problems and difficulties in
breathing. Alcohol-related illnesses are a major cause of premature death. Among persons older than 65, moderate and heavy drinkers are 16 times more likely than nondrinkers to die of suicide. Less than half of alcoholics over 65 are diagnosed, a Penn State study has shown, because often the telltale signs of alcohol dependence are masked by patient denial and seeming good health. Alcohol abuse also contributes to increased risk of falls, as well as emergency hospitalization for adverse alcohol and drug events in older Americans.

H.E.L.P. recently completed a Strategic Plan that prioritizes our efforts to assist seniors with substance abuse issues, as stated in Goal #4:

Develop resources/partnerships that enhance senior wellbeing.

Objective 4.1. Develop partnerships that nurture priorities of:
1. Access to healthcare, 2. Help with substance abuse, 3. Financial stability, 4. Avoiding scams and elder abuse, 5. Retaining cognitive stability.

The action items for Substance Abuse in Goal #4 are:

4.2.1 Build on foundation of current substance abuse pilot program by extending education program to more low income areas.
4.2.2 Update website to make access to substance abuse resources more user-friendly; build substance recovery resources.
4.2.3 Increase outreach to senior living facilities and senior centers to provide education programs on substance abuse.
4.2.4 Network with substance recovery programs to offer client counseling and education on jobs, housing, finances, healthcare, entitlement programs, and other support.
4.2.5 Build referral list of recovery programs in the South Bay.

What Can H.E.L.P. Do For You?

H.E.L.P. provides information and referrals through: telephone and walk-in services, educational website updates, free community classes, and short private consultations with our community specialist. Focus and priorities include: access to healthcare, help with substance abuse, financial stability, avoiding scams and elder abuse, retaining cognitive stability. Our professionally developed publications include : H.E.L.P. Is Here –an annual magazine that contains important articles about current issues that affect seniors and their caregivers; Your Way – a guide to help you stay in charge of decisions about your medical care; Torrance Guide to Services for Older Adults –a comprehensive directory of services in Torrance and other cities throughout the South Bay and beyond that assist older adults in addressing current issues and future planning tools. We also provide the publication: Alcohol and Drug Awareness for Safe Senior Living. See also our publication series Nuts and Bolts Guides – simple-to-read 4-page booklets on Estate Administration, Financial Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Medi-Cal for Nursing Home Care, Probate (and Avoiding It) in California, Gift, Estate and Capital Gains Taxes, Wills and Revocable Living Trusts, and Your Aging Preparedness Kit.

We Are Here to Help.

In 2019:

H.E.L.P. served more than 8,000 people with counseling and education.

Over 4,500 older adults and their families and friends attended H.E.L.P. classes.

Over 393,000 visitors used H.E.L.P.’s Internet resources,

Distributed over 26,500 publications to the public.

H.E.L.P. is the glue between older adults and critical, life altering information, resources and referrals. We change lives!

Thank you to all our donors for their generous support.

2019 H.E.L.P. Donors

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The Ahmanson Foundation
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